8 Nov 2011

Rocket French Review - How to learn French Language

Rocket French review - How to learn French Language

This Page is a Rocket French Review
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The Rocket French website uses a very sales-heavy approach that turns a lot of people off when they are considering trying to learn French. What the site says sounds good, but many aren’t sure if they can trust Rocket French. My Rocket French review aims to clear that up – to look beyond their marketing and review their actual product 'Rocket French' that will help you learn French, to let you know if it’s right for you and can actually help you learn French. Is Rocket French a scam or not?

When looking at the various options available to people wanting to learn French online, Rocket French was a name that kept popping up time and time again in the top two or three programs.
So, what makes rocket French so popular?
Well, the free 6 day Rocket French trial is enough to get you hooked straight away, and you receive informative newsletters and emails which gradually build up your knowledge of the French language and learn French vocabulary and grammar without seeming too much like formal lessons.

If you choose to continue the Rocket French course, the total price, $299.95 for ‘Rocket French’ is much more affordable than its closest rivals – a factor which is bound to swing the decision for many of us!

Rocket French, for a limited time are offering a downloadable version for $99.95. You can get instant access to Rocket French and start to learn French now!

Free-mail Rocket French, Learn French language course!

For the free trial of Rocket French, you receive one audio or text language lesson per day via email. These are interactive "learn French" lessons – you speak out loud in response to what’s said.
Once you clear some basic information, get ready as they add on a more complex language conversation, at the end of some of the more basic information makes it worthwhile, as rocket French helps you apply the simple things which perhaps you already know.

What is good about the Rocket French course?

The Rocket French course builds from beginner to advanced. It will give the student a complete guide to be able to learn French Language.
The verb conjugation games are useful, as the forms of the verbs in a language are potentially very tedious and boring when trying to learn French. The 'Rocket French’ game can alleviate this boredom.
The 'Rocket French' Random button is good for adding a bit of spontaneity to the "learn French language" lesson. This is useful if you have done the lesson more than once and need to freshen it up a little.

What is bad about the Rocket French course?

On the other hand the pictures of the Rocket French, in the megavocab are a bit misleading at times which makes guessing the correct words difficult and won’t really make being able to learn French that easy.
You can only improve your language pronunciation by listening and repeating the audio, rocket French gives no feedback as to how your accent sounds.

The Full Rocket French Course

It may sound daunting to think that each of the 45 minute "learn French language" courses in the Rocket French package lasts for around 2 hours, but remember that you can take this at your own pace, and skip or revise whichever bits you choose!

With the Rocket French MegaVocab games, you are able to add in the words and pictures of your choice to create a personalised interactive learn French word bank which can be printed out or played on the screen. Rocket French gives you freedom to choose which specific language vocabulary you want to work on, especially if you are wanting to learn French for business reasons rather than pleasure – so Rocket French wont clutter your knowledge with chatter about the beach or what’s on at the cinema!
The oral and aural section of ‘Rocket French’, learn French language MegaAudio, covers 20,000 words altogether, and you’re bound to find what interests you most here! Being able to listen carefully to “real” Rocket French language as it is spoken and then try to copy this is useful, and the 'Rocket French games get more difficult according to your progress.

When I was at school, I used to despise our French Grammar lessons, but with Rocket French, I found this aspect of trying to learn French relatively painless due to the rocket French “MegaVerbs” games.

Rocket French /learn French language Vs. Rosetta stone

Rocket French /language vs. Rosetta stone: which is better? Many people searching for language learning software or especially 'learn French' software tend to come down to these two choices. It can be difficult to choose either Rocket French or Rosetta stone learn French programs without knowing much about either.

The Rocket French /Language courses are structured in a more traditional format. There are Rocket French audio lessons that take you through different conversational situations. Rocket French Memory and matching games help you learn and retain vocabulary, and accompanying Rocket French books give more in-depth help with learn French language grammar and tenses. There are the Rocket French quizzes at the end of the book sections.

The Rocket French /learn French Language series embodies all the traditional teaching methods that go into most learn French language courses. Immersion is a big part in trying to learn French with Rocket French, as you are continually hearing the language throughout all the exercises. The Rocket French book helps with reading skills, and people who learn better by reading will be helped by these learn French exercises.

Rosetta stone takes a different approach to rocket French, in that they attempt to emulate the way a language is learned naturally. There are few written materials for trying to learn French compared to Rocket French, and the program teaches you the language through repeated audio exercises. The program incorporates audio, text, and visual aids to help you learn French, however there is no grammar book present. This can make it a little challenging to catch on to certain grammatical language points.

Overall I think that the Rocket French /learn French Language series is a better value for your money. Rocket French is priced lower than the Rosetta stone series and I believe that it is just as good if not better. Rocket French includes written language text which is a key to learn French language, as Rosetta stone does not include this.

Rosetta stone is very popular, and it’s a good program, but if you don’t want to spend quite that much to learn French, and want a program that’s a little more traditional, then I recommend Rocket French learn French Language. It is a great way to help learn French or even another language on your own or as an aid to a school class.

Rocket French Reviews conclusion

There’s no doubt that Rocket French’ is a solid, interactive tool for those wishing to learn French language fast. In fact, I would rate Rocket French amongst the best learn French courses out there. Plus, it is by far the best value for your money. For anyone who wants to learn French language fast and cheap – Rocket French is the right course for you.
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